New Story Of Seasons Trailer Help Me



I don’ know if I can handle this.

/composes self

Okay, for those of you who are like, “WTF-ing” over this post, let me give you a brief history lesson regarding yours truly: I am obsessed with Story of Seasons. Like, obsessed. Actually, addicted. Let’s just say I’m addicted because I literally had to pull myself away FROM Story of Seasons¬†and I went through withdrawals and everything. Don’t believe me? Here. Watch the below video. I literally made a breakup video for Story of Seasons.

So, that video was recorded and published roughly three months ago. Since then my cravings for Story of Seasons have dwindled, but every now and again I get the urge to harvest a turnip or pet a cow. Nothing major, right? WELL ALL OF THAT IS OUT OF THE FUCKING WINDOW BECAUSE A NEW STORY OF SEASONS TRAILER HAS RELEASED AND I AM NOW RABID FOR THIS MOTHERFUCKER.


Obviously I don’t know jack-shit as to what was actually said in this trailer, but it doesn’t matter. Nay friends, for I saw all I needed to see and now I’ve got the Story of Seasons Shakes – the SoSS’s if you will.

There’s no news regarding Story of Seasons 2 coming to North America (AT THE MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!) but it is releasing in Japan on June 23rd. The official name is either Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of the Three Villages or Story of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages. Sounds like it hasn’t been properly translated or something. BUT IT DOTH NOT MATTER.


Oh. Also, I found this article on Gematsu and I’ve already decided who I’m going to bang.

Friends, meet Wayne.


He and I will make many babies together.

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