Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Contest

Want a chance to put your work in front of Nobuo Uematsu?! Because I sure as hell don’t. That man is a God among men and I cringe at the thought of humiliating myself in front of such an iconic figure. But I knoooow you lovely bastards ooze with talent, so maybe this contest is for you!

Watching the above video is a must, but in a nutshell the contest calls for participants to create their own version of the main Final Fantasy theme and record themselves performing it. It sounds like there aren’t many guidelines — the strictest probably being your video can’t be longer than 1:30 — so use that create freedom, sonfrog. You’ll be judged based off of talent and creativity and how many times you feature Zidane Tribal in your video. (That last statement may or may not be true.) (Spoilers: It’s not true.) (But it totally should be.)

Prizes include a round trip for two to a Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert, a Theatrhythm limited edition 3DS, signed collector’s editions, and more.

Again, if I had any skill points in the “music” category of my life I’d totally enter. But, y’know.

Do you think you’ll give it a shot?!


  1. I love many shreds of musical talent, but not they kind they’re looking for… XD They want cutesy YouTube videos of people playing instruments… I could orchestrate the shit out of this theme, and make it sound amazing, but there would be no “performance” in it. I work 100% digitally, so even an example like North’s at the end would be more than I can “perform.”

    Side note: I always pronounced it “thee-AT-rhythm.”

    Side note 2: I have the weirdest crush on that girl now.

  2. GASP!!! OH MAN!! HOW I WISH I COULD EVEN PRESENT SOMETHING TO THE MAN!! That’d be so awesome! I went to a Distant Worlds concert once and Nubuo Uematsu was 1 row behind me and 8-10 seats to my left, I could almost smell the man (creepy, I know) but I was completely geeking out at that fact. So, needless to say, if you have a chance to go to a Distant Worlds concert, you ABSOLUTELY must go!

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