The Witcher: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition on Xbox One

First, let me just say this collector’s edition looks sexy as balls. I’ve been waiting for The Witcher 3 for quite some time now, and from what I’ve seen (and heard) it’s going to blow our minds with its awesomeness. My birthday is only two days after its May 19th release, and I’ve made it perfectly clear to friends and family that I want nothing more than to spend aaaaaaaaaaaaaall week/weekend doing nothing but Witcher-ing. (If they feel so inclined I’ve offered them the opportunity to bring me hot wings and wetnaps.) (Possibly a cake.) (Hashtag best birthday ever.)

But I’m bummed, guys! I pre-ordered my collector’s edition for PC last June, but somehow missed the announcement (that took place two months later) that the Xbox One version would have additional shinies, like the Gwent cards and the cloth map. Had I known earlier I would have GLADLY traded my PC pre-order for an Xbox One pre-order. But seeing as I just learned about the exclusives, it’s too late… those bad boys are looooong gone. As a collector, AND as a diehard Witcher fan, it kind of sucks, you know? Siiiiiiigh.

I wish companies were more transparent when it came to exclusive content. Y’know, throw in an asterick or two during announcements. Like, “HEY! This collector’s edition is now available for pre-order, but as an FYI the Xbox One version will have exclusive content so you miiiight want to pre-order that one :D :D :D !” I mean, sure,  that responsibility kind of falls on the consumers, and hell, maybe it was announced when the CE was initially revealed, but I sure didn’t know about it.

Maybe, just maybe, this can be alleviated in the future by sending me 10 1/2 press releases, a hand-written letter and about 17 DMs on Twitter. <3 I will gladly take the spam.

But yeah, in any case, I’m excited to even be getting a CE as these things have sold like hot cakes. Maybe one of you lucky bastards who snagged a Xbox One version can bring Gwent to a convention and we can nerd out fo’ daaaays.

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