The Witcher Adventure Game

::does a hop, skip and a jump into a puddle of amazing things like unicorns and rainbows::

YESSSS!!! Maaaaan, this will be perfect Witcher filler material until The Witcher III releases later this year. OH MY GOD. I just thought of something. What if Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher III launch around the same time?! I THINK I WOULD DIE. One cannot possible force me to make such a decision. The idea of having to chose between the two is unfathomable. UN-FUCKING-FATHOMABLE.

…Uh, sorry for getting sidetracked, it’s just that I’m dealing with a potentially life-threatening issue here. THAT’S ALL. But I’ll put it on the back-burner for now.

So yeah, while I love sitting around a huge table with a group of friends, I think I’m most looking forward to the iPad version of The Witcher Adventure Game. My apartment is crowded enough without having board pieces strewn everywhere, and it sounds like the tablet version offers a solo or co-op mode. In Britt-Speak, that means I can try to slut around and romance every character in the comfort of my dark and hermit-like bedroom and not feel ashamed/embarrassed about my actions. (I don’t even know if romancing is an option, but if it isn’t I’m going to learn hacking techniques simply so I can bang someone.)

All we know is that this bad boy is “coming soon”, but, like, let’s hope that “soon” means in a month or so. I need my Geralt fix. Hnghhhhhhhhhh.

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