The Ultimate Videogame Tattoo?

I know I’ve said that I want a videogame tattoo, and that still holds true. But like many I’m unsure of what I want to get needled into my skin, as there are countless memorable characters and objects that could represent my passion for gaming. 

But today I was slapped alongside the head with inspiration.

Kind of.  

What you are looking at, dear readers, is a tattoo belonging to a dude by the name of Jason. He thought of the mashup while in Iraq. Can you name all of the references? I recognized five. 

My ideal mash up: All of the main characters from Dragon Age: Origins. Morrigan’s chest, Alistair’s abs, Zevran’s ass, Sten’s arms, Leliana’s hair, Oghren’s beard, Shale’s rock hard legs (see whut I did thare?) and Wynne’s…uh…wisdom. Stick Link’s head on there somewhere, anywhere, and we’re golden. Seriously, I don’t care. It can be a growth coming out of Sten’s arm. 

But let’s say the videogame God banned me from getting the aforementioned mash inked on my body and said “YOU ARE AN OBSESSED FREAK. You cannot use all of the Dragon Age: Origins characters. CHOOSE AGAIN.” I’d come up with a concoction featuring Garrus, Link, Ryu (Breath of Fire III) and…Alistair. I’d sneak him in one way or another.

Wow. I really am obsessed. Do you think there’s any hope for me? 

Do you like Jason’s idea? How would you create your mash up tattoo?


  1. Tell your friend Jason he needs to hook you up with the artist that conceived this; if he’s reluctant, tell him you know something about him that he DOESN’T!

    Email me on FB for the BIIIIIIIIIIG Secret!

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