The Return of the Races in DA: Inquisition

Ah, great news, great news indeed.

Game Informer has been spewin’ out some serious Dragon Age: Inquisition knowledge during their one month preview extravaganza awesomeness, and while you can bet your ass I’m staying up-to-date and stalking every single news article the moment they’re released for public consumption, I’m a bit behind on reporting it here. But that’s okay — all I ever really do during Dragon Age: Inquisition posts is squirt my fangirlisms all over you digital face. Also, that’s disgusting.

But seriously, I’m very pleased BioWare was able to implement different races in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve always been a human kinda player, but I know several of you out there (not to mention the millions of you I don’t even, like, know) are so so SO passionate about having the option of racial selection — there is a LOT of truth re: Dwarven players’ passion —  and it really adds something ,even for lame-o human players like myself. (I kid! Humans that play as humans are awesome!) Simply having the option to choose a different race other than what I picked makes me feel as if I’m playing through a one-of-a-kind story. There’s something warm ‘n fuzzy inducing about knowing that if I decided to play as an elf I would experience slightly altered narrative throughout the game.

Good shit.


  1. Yeah, I’m really glad they brought this back. One of my favorite things about Dragon Age Origins was every time I started a new character as a new race I got a completely different opening sequence and it was like having 6 different games available to me. More, really, considering whether one was a mage, warrior, etc. But I was kind of awestruck when I’d play as an elf and have people talk down to me and then I kinda get the opportunity to be all, “Oh, really, bitch? Yeah, now bow down because I’m a fucking Greywarden. Yeeeeah, you like being under my boot.” So yeah, this is a great addition to what appears to be shaping up to be a sweet-ass game.

    • Haha, I love it! That’s exactly it! Combine the origin stories with the different choices you could make, and you really do have totally different games available. I’m soooo happy about this.

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