The Pokémon Most Disappointed With Their Evolutions

I played a metric butt-ton of Pokémon: Alpha Sapphire while cruising so I’m kiiiinda on a Pokémon kick. SO THIS IS FUCKING RELEVANT, OKAY?!

I dunno what it is, but I’m digging Alpha Sapphire more than I dug-trio’d (SEE WHUT I DID THAR) Pokémon X. Perhaps I had a tougher time bonding with Pokémon X because it was so different from the last Pokémon game I played, which was, uh, Pokémon *cough* Blue *cough*. But then again — aren’t they all (basically) the same? Y’know, walk in tall grass, encounter Pokémon, throw a ball at it, cross your fingers, have it escape at the last minute, throw another ball at it, watch it escape, get frustrated, try to lower it’s HP, accidentally cause it to faint, etc.

Anyway, I’m always disappointed when cute Pokémon turn into ugly Pokémon (can we just talk about Fennekin for a second? What’s up with THAT final evolution?) or when my derpy Pokemon turn into serious-looking Pokemon. (The only exception to this is Magikarp.)


  1. Abra to kadabra is my favorite evolution. Plus kadabra is the only pokemon you need to beat the game with ease.

  2. OMG, SAMEE! My Skiddo was basically my best friend… Then he became a Gogoat. It’s never been the same. :'(

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