The Newest Addition to My Family <3

This might be shocking to some of you, but…I…I…I didn’t have an Xbox 360 for several months before this weekend.


But all is gravy now, for I’d like you to meet the newest addition to my family. He’s kind of shy so he’s hanging out in the bottom left corner of my entertainment stand. ^__^

On Friday I finally made the corporate decision to buckle down and find me an Xbox. After all, Mass Effect 3 releases in, oh, four weeks so I need to have one by then anyway, because when I DID have an Xbox I played ME1 and ME2 on that so all of my saves are 360 compatible.

I ended up shopping around the entire mall before settling on the 250 gig bundle that comes with a download voucher for Halo: Reach, a physical copy of Fable 3 and 3 months XBL Gold for $299 at Best Buy. Not too shabby, but because I saw this exact bundle for $100 cheaper on Black Friday it stung a bit! I also needed to pick up an HDMI cable, which isn’t cheap. (At least the slim 360 has built-in wifi!)

So I’m at the front counter, frazzled from running around the mall when I remembered I had a coupon in my purse that would give me a $25 gift certificate since I was spending over $200. EFFIN SWEET! So while the guy is ringing me out I’m frantically digging through my purse trying to find this coupon. But if you’ve ever seen my purse you know that it’s pretty much the same thing as a black hole in the sense that whatever goes in ends up disappearing and ultimately ends up GOD knows where.

It was then I remembered the coupon was on my desk in the woman cave.

But 25 bucks is 25 bucks, so I told the clerk I’d head back home (about 30 minute round-trip), grab my coupon and return. And I did. And while a different clerk was ringing me out (again) I had the brilliant idea to pay for the Xbox first, receive the coupon and put that towards the HDMI cable. Well it sounded good, but the clerk was just about to ask for my debit card, so he had to cancel the transaction–which was an event in itself because I think he was new. He had to call some people over, I had to sign a million things, but in the end we started a fresh transaction.

But when he went to use my coupon…nothing happened.


Curse me and my laziness! I should have read the back of the coupon. :/

GAH. But at the end of the day, all I know is I hauled that thing out of Best Buy like a boss.

Speaking of doing things “like a boss”, do you guys get the same feeling of badassery I do while hooking up a new console? Then to sit back, press the power button and watch it come to life…aaaaaah, it is EXTREMELY satisfying!

I then promptly played Skyrim until 2 AM.

I plan on doing similar…activities things tonight.

<3 Britt


  1. I love turning on ALL electronics for the first time. If I get to plug things in to other things, it’s a total boner, um, bonus.

  2. This should teach you to deal with Best Buy, lolz.

    Seriously, though… I bought an HDMI cable off Amazon for the whopping price of $1.83. I’ve heard from people that there’s no difference between cheap cables and overpriced, wallet raping Monster branded accessories. Best bargain ever!

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