The New 3DS: I Want One

GAHHH. I really, REALLY, REAAAALLY want one. But not for me. For my dear ol’ daddio for good ol’ Christmas. But alas, the New 3DS and New 3DS XL aren’t supposed to come around these here parts (meaning North America) until sometime in 2015. Australia and New Zealand, though, get theirs on November 21st and Japan gets theirs next month. WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT THOSE COUNTRIES ANYWAY?! ::sniffle::

(I keed, I keed.)

nintendo 3ds

But yeah,  like I said I’m looking for a, uh, “old” 3DS XL for my dad. (I’d love to get him the newer one BUT I can’t wait that long.) He recently stumbled across a Game Boy Advance at a garage sale (as well as a few games) and needless to say he’s hooked. He mostly sticks to simplistic platformers, and there are only so many for the GBA. (I also gave him my DSi, however I’m surprised at the lack of platformers on that handheld and there really ain’t a lot for him to play.)

The 3DS has the eShop, and with the eShop comes a plethora of games he and I used to spend hooooours playing. Not only that, but there are several newer games he could totally play without falling to the “THESE GAMES ARE TOO COMPLICATED NOWADAYS” mindset most parents adopt. 

In any case, the New 3DS comes with a faster CPU, a C-stick, two extra shoulder buttons and a larger screen.

Are you gonna get one?

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