The n00bketeers (or “teh n00bs” as we like to call ourselves) is a weekly video game podcast hosted by my friends Billy “Beez” Milby, Jason “Pig” Ericson and I. Jason just joined on recently, but Beez and I have been recording the podcast for a little over a year. It’s something I truly look forward to every week. If I had to pick my favorite part of the podcast, it would be the “Kotick-Talk” and “Riccitiello Tells You” segments where we analyze the words of wisdom that spew out of the mouths of Bobby Kotick and John Riccitiello. C’mon, admit it. You love it when big CEO’s open their mouths just as much as we do.

I’ve made a few “promotional” videos in the past, if you want to see a short clip of us recording in action. Otherwise, you should listen to the actual podcasts. Do eet. Peerpressurepeerpressurepeerpressure.

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