The Latest Addition to My Resident Evil Bathroom:

in case of zombies


Okay, generally I wouldn’t have dedicated an entire post  to just this, but I’ve wanted one of these things for SO many years now IT FEELS SO GOOD TO FINALLY OWN ONE.

As you may know, I’m having my second bathroom decorated in the theme of Resident Evil, and no toilet room would be complete without a In Case of Zombies display. After all, knowing some of our luck chances are the apocalypse is going to hit while we’re on the crapper anyway, so why not be prepared?

I found this one on for a hefty price — I should add it was the last one — but I’ve also seen them on eBay and Amazon.

The next thing I want to find is a (cheap) key card or keypad lock, slap an umbrella sticker on it and mount it on the wall inside of the bathroom next to the door. Those things are everywhere in Resident Evil. Of course I wouldn’t actually have the lock active, unless someone pisses me off. Then I would activate it and not reveal the code. MUAHAHAHA! YOU SHALL FOREVER WALLOW IN THE SMELL OF YOUR DISPOSED BODILY FLUIDS! (Ew.)


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