The Last of Us: One Night Live

**Spoiler warning** If you haven’t played The Last of Us and plan to, do NOT watch the video. Spoilers a’plenty within.

So there I sat, finger readily on the mouse ready to click the play button on the above video. “Should I do my makeup real quick?” I thought to myself. “After all, I have a video to record and I’d rather just get that over with.” (Fact: I find applying make-up to be an annoyance.)

But then I realized I’d be watching The Last of Us, one of the most emotionally involved games I’ve ever played in my 26 years of existence. Why the hell would I put makeup on when chances are it’ll be smeared within minutes?!

So I clicked play, bare-faced and all, and well, within about two this is was happening:

TLOU live
DAMN YOU, THE LAST OF US. DAMN YOU AND YOUR FUCKING MAJESTIC STORYTELLING AND ACTING. But for serious, the show itself starts about 34 minutes in and lasts about an hour. If you can make the time to watch the performance, please do. It’ll be worth your time. 


  1. Man, Troy Baker is EVERYTHING in Gaming right now. I just found out he’s also going to be the lead in Shadow of Mordor.

    • Yeah! I found that out as I was waiting to demo the game and he told me. I was like, “OF COURSE YOU ARE.”

      • It appears no Troy Baker in a AAA game = gamefail. Or at least that seems to be the current Dev theory.

  2. 1. AWESOME video. I skipped around (haven’t played the game yet), but damn.
    2. The live music is great. Really, really great.
    3. Don’t bother with makeup. It’s overrated. ;)
    4. The musical. Oh god, the musical. Haha

    • Ahhh isn’t it?! Maaaaan. It’s so perfect I almost want ND to leave it alone, but if/when a sequel is announced I’ll shit my pants out of excitement.

  3. The alternate ending is still one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t blame Ashley Johnson for cracking up because I would be laughing uncontrollably the entire time it was happening.

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