The Last of Us Fan Film


I loved loved LOVED The Last of Us, and am currently grasping at anything and everything that expands upon the masterpieceful piece of awesomeness that was the game. I was pleasantly surprised by the above short not only because of its superb quality, but how reflective of the game it really is. Like, there was a moment when Joel and Ellie were meandering down a hall — one you would most definitely see in The Last of Us —  and I wanted to shout, “CHECK THE ADJACENT DOORS! THERE COULD BE MAKINGS OF MED KITS!!! >___<!!!” I was immersed, man.


It’s spoiler free, so feel free to take a peek if you have yet to finish The Last of Us. (Then promptly shut down your interwebs and finish the freakin’ game.)

If you liked what you saw, head over to indiegogo and support the campaign for a film! SQUEEEE!


  1. Whoever was the player behind Joel really sucks at this game. BULLETS ARE FINITE AND MUST BE USED SPARINGLY WHEN ALL ELSE HAS FAILED! You don’t waste 3 bullets on one runner, dammit! That last runner could have been solved by a running brick to the face and a curb stomp! Fucking amateurs, man.

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