The Hotness: Urinal Videogames

I think it was around last year when I first read about Segas Toirettsu, a urinal videogame where the controller is essentially the stream of a mans urine.


Now, contrary to popular belief I am female and have lady parts (therefore I dont venture into mens restrooms too often) but to the best of my knowledge these piss-games havent made it across the pond to North America — which is unfortunate, seeing as they just made a stance in the U.K. Guys, if you venture to The Exhibit Bar in London and fill the ol bladder up you may just find yourself controlling a skier WITH YOUR PISS STREAM as he makes his way down a snowy slope. Fucking brilliant. (In case you were wondering, Toriettsu is comprised of mini-games like graffiti erasing, controlling wind up womens skirts and other awesome things. Dont ask me how I still remember this.)

But all I really want to know is if an Abominable Snow Monster will attack your lil’ skier like they do in SkiFree.

That bastard.

Also, heres a video. Because you know you want to see it.


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