1. This sucks. I hope to heck they can get it recovered for ya. I find that this is a problem across all online providers as well…I’ve been asked by a few friends if I can recover thier gamertags/live ID’s, and I know a few users on Yahoo’s system. You’d think that SOMEONE would figure out a way to help us keep secure, but to also save us from ourselves, and the crap life throws at us. Good luck on this!

  2. That really sucks. I have had this issue before with other accounts and without your back up keys or the original phone the only option is going to be Google taking their time to restore your account. (up to a week). We could always set up a siege on the local Seattle and Kirkland offices until they give your account back.

    • It’s been two weeks :/ YEAH! I think I’ll do just that… ;D But for serious, I’m probably gonna go to the Seattle location this weekend.

      • It wouldn’t hurt to try for sure they might be able to help you or expedite this insanely slow process they are putting you through. The only other ways in after looking around is:
        A. Having your old phone that had the authenticator on it.
        B. Having the back up printout.
        C. Having the initial code to know hat series you are on and at least three used codes and their time-stamps to figure out your next code.

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