The Forest Is Coming To PS4 (YESSSSSS!)

Last January I wrote a lil’ ol’ blog about how excited I am for The Forest. What is The Forest, you ask? Well, in a nutshell you’re the lone survivor of a plane crash — which leaves you stranded in a forest — and you gotsta figure out how to A) survive and B) survive whilst defending yourself from mutant cannibals. (Lovely, right?) How you do this is up to you.

Friends, this game looks absolutely fucking terrifying and I fully expect to soil myself.

I was already fully committed to purchasing The Forest back when it was only available for PC, but hearing the news of a PS4 version tickles my fancy like a…like a fluffy feather. Or something. Either way, I love me a good survival title, and while I don’t particularly enjoy mutant cannibals I do enjoy the fear they impose, so there’s that. The Forest is being marketed as an open-world, open-ended title and feedback on the pre-alpha has been very, very positive. GAH I CANNOT WAIT.

the forest

What’s more, however, is the addition of multiplayer. Multiplayer is relatively new to The Forest, and if you’re looking for an example of how it might work I highly recommend this very entertaining Let’s Play. (Since multiplayer is so new it’s kind of hard to be able to tell what you can and can’t do with another person, but the Let’s Play shows two friends building shelter, making a fire, killing each other AND cannibals, etc.) AS IF I COULDN’T BECOME ANY MORE EXCITED TAKE ME NOW. Er, take my money. TAKE WHATEVER YOU NEED, ENDNIGHT GAMES.

You can pick up The Forest now via Steam Early Access. A release date has yet to be determined. But plz come soon. <3

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