Thank You. <3


Just a quick “thank you”… 


Anyone who has paid attention to social media lately has likely seen the horrifying exchanges between online arseholes and other women in the industry, #gamersgate stuff, the finger-pointing of “Male journalists need to do more to change this twisted mindset!”, etc. I don’t think these issues should be ignored (I’ve been a subject of online harassment many times) and the message is so important, but nonetheless it *is* mentally and emotionally exhausting to continuously see it all over social media. 

To know I can come to my own little corner of the internet without facing the bullshit others currently are is so alleviating. So, I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs, interacts with my posts, watches my crazy videos, or just says hi, as 99.9% of the time I’m treated with nothing but respect and as a good friend. It’s so very much appreciated, especially after witnessing the struggles that others in my position are facing. 

Continue to be kind, y’all. And thank you. <3


  1. While watching the game last night with my boys I told them, “Hey, Britt, the BlondeNerd, she’s at the game tonight!”. One of my boys said I’d said that as if we were friends and laughed. Told them it was hard to explain but that with some people, like you, they make you feel like you’re part of a community and ‘friends’. You treat your readers with care and respect, engaging with us and it sets the tone. Thank *you* for that!

  2. You rock, Brittney! I’m happy to see you have just as serious of a side to yourself as your humorous awkwardness you enjoy spreading to us guv’nas at wonderful little places like PAX. :3 Keep on being you!

  3. You’ve definitely carved your own chunk out of the industry Deku Tree and I think it’s relatively safe in there. Sadly, it sucks that others can’t do the same and be left to have their own piece of the trunk just because it might make video games seem imperfect in their eyes.

    I may not have always agreed with people’s criticisms of games or even their praises on certain aspects, but I always respected their opinion and their ability to articulate them in engaging ways. As a off/on writer of low levels, the read itself was always worth the time. Now, those writers are being forced out and it’s all over nothing but gatekeeping and fear.

    But I digress. You do good things, Britt, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so for a long, long time. And if the idiots ever turn on you, don’t stop.

    • I completely agree with you. Sigh.

      But thank you for the rad words. They’re much appreciated. <3 Now for another round of skee-ball! :D

      • Girl, I am planning to get to Boston for PAX East, so you better get practicing! Also, we better hang out a bunch or I’ll fight you! :) <3

  4. Hey, every day you post something that brightens up my day. I’m not going to ruin that by being an asshat in return. A happy BlondeNerd means happy things for my Twitter feed.

    So what I’m saying is I’m kind for completely selfish reasons. :-)

    But in all seriousness, keep doing what you do. It’s certainly appreciated by the legions of your loyal minions.

  5. Thank You Britt!! I was fortunate enough to stumble onto your little place of the internet during E3 2013…I think I found your twitter first :D It opened the door to all you Blonde nerd shenanigans and I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been seeing you cover this hobby that we all love.

    You’ve been nothing but kind to all those who follow you. It’s good to know that even though there are those who spread nothing but hate and bring endless amounts of negative energy, there are those at the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Seriously seeing even a small post from you can brighten a day :)

  6. ever since I first became acquainted with your work through Zaxy I have been a fan of yours just for your level of involvement with the people who interact with you even as a passerby. I think your authenticity and approach-ability makes people think about how there is indeed a person on the other side of your website which makes you more difficult to blatantly insult. And when you are tossed an unnecessarily harsh comment you react with goofyness showing that your emotional deck is well shellac’d.
    In short, you have worked hard for your slice of friendly internet.
    Much broey love for you and all the content you put out on the web. keep on rocking Britt!

  7. Great post Britt. If anyone deserves good vibes on the nets it’s people like you that remain true to themselves for good or bad. Your Community here is amazing. It is like your running some troll blocker software to keep the bottom feeders out. I LOVE IT. People can express for or against opinions without having to be berated or shredded by losers that prolly don’t even care about the topic but just wanna flame. I hope this site stays for the gamers and not the lamers until the end of time. I will gladly help you keep it a gamers paradise anyway I can. Even if just by filling Troll faces with sniper rounds in Destiny come Tuesday. GAME ON BLONDE NERD GAME ON!!!!

    • HA! Thank you so so so much. I’m incredibly fortunate that I have awesome rad folks like yourself that enjoy my weirdness. :) <3

  8. Using male journalist as a feminist army to police the gaming community is Orwellian madness. The Internet is a open platform so assuming you can police it just for damseling white women is absurd and it also ignore the fact men not women are more likely to be harassed online just like their more likely to be attacked strangers on the streets. We have a problem of entitled women screaming mysoginy to get their way with gullible men and both sexes have started to speak out. Out corrupt and sensationalized media aren’t doing their part because these hysterics are click bait gold. The game is up. People see what you’re doing and like other fear mongering bigots your clique is going down.

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