TGS 2014: Silent Hills


Good LAWD I don’t know if I’ll be able to play Silent Hills. Not just because the above trailer rid last night’s dinner for me via the way of forced excretion, but because I’ve never been able to play a Silent Hill game. Ever. They’re just too damn creepy. Maybe I can hire a studly fireman or someone along those lines to play (shirtless) while I watch. Yeah. That’ll, uh, totally help.

So. Is this shit your jam? Are you excited for this crazy-ass game?


  1. That… Oh wow. That may be the game that ends up convincing me to buy a PS4. For real. I love the Silent Hill games of old (never played or finished The Room, Homecoming, or Origins) and this looks like something I need… no… I HAVE to play! :D

    • HA! Based on a comment Kojima made, it sounds like it might also come to Xbox One. So if you already have one of those… :D

      • No, no Xbox One. I’ve been waiting to see if either system could reach a point of convincing me that I truly wanted to own one or the other. Each has had good games come out, but this trailer has been the first that gave me a true inkling of WANT for one of them.

        I do, however, own a Wii U. And yes, I know that makes me a dork ^_^ lol

  2. Silent Hill 2 3 The Room and Shattered Memory they are the ones that handle the original concepts of the game , but I think that might need to do something different, anyway I’ll miss the music and sound direction by Akira Yamaoka, who until now have not confirmed their participation in the production

    • Ah. You, uh, let me know how that goes. I’ll be standing in a brightly-lit room with rainbows and butterflies surrounding me. Safe.

  3. I love the Silent Hill series, and a good horror game in general…. but I don’t think I could play this game. I think it would break my bowels.

  4. I played 2 and 3 and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have the first downloaded on my PS3 but haven’t gotten to it yet and I have rented many since then but the newer titles just don’t have the same feel. But I’m digging how creepy this trailer is :>

    • Yeah? Man. I need to either A) Get hammered and play or B) Have a party where people come over and play for me. Either sounds great.

      • Wouldn’t playing a game that scary hammered just mean you die in horrible, gruesome ways more often? I mean, booze is not a performance enhancing drug in gaming. I know. I test it every weekend.

  5. I’m gonna play this, I’m gonna play The Evil Within, and I’m gonna have my heart jump out of my chest and strangle me.

    I’ll play it for you but only if we record your inevitably hilarious reactions *evil laughter*

  6. I love being scared! but not WHILE i’m getting scared… does that make sense?? But honestly I can’t wait to play this WITH THE LIGHTS ON AND FRIENDS AND SOCIAL INTERACTION AND MAYBE LOVELY VIOLIN MUSIC PLAYING LOUDLY..

  7. I dunno. That’s pretty…brutal. On the other hand, I’ve never really played any of the Silent Hill games and that kind of atmospheric horror seems like it might be fun and/or replace cardio over a weekend.

  8. This game looks way to intense for your average gamer. I played P.T. and that had me freaking out. The come back Horror games are making is immense. Anyone prepared for the new Alien game? I know I’m not xD

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