Super Mario Bathroom

So, hypothetically, if you had to, uh, release the goods into the water basin, drop the kids off at the pool or take the Browns to the Super Bowl I assume you’d want to do it in a place like this:

I know I’d want to. NOT that I do those sorts of things, for I am a female. But before this gets any weirder, I’d like to thank whatever genius it was who invented this bathroom. Yes, “invented”. Because that’s a goddamn amazing invention. EVEN THE TOILET SEAT HAS A MARIO LID!

But the Pacman garbage can has got to go. I’ll take it. It matches the curtains in my woman cave.



  1. Looks like you’re going to have to get to work upstaging them and make like some crazy Dragon Age and/or Zombie bathroom haha

  2. I bet Mario wouldnt like to jump down those ipes after the owner has enjoyed some Indian food muhahahahahaha……*shame*

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