Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World (I mean, that is the name right? I CAN’T KEEP TRACK ANYMORE) is exactly what you would expect. Having played a few levels at E3, I can vouch that it looks just like New Super Mario Brothers U and plays just like NSMBU, except you and your brosephs frolic around a 3D world and can become cats. I wish I could say this game was innovative and mind-blowing, but alas…

I’m typically not one to rank and be negative, but I really, REALLY hope Nintendo has some other Mario goodness up its sleeves because Super Mario 3D World felt like there just wasn’t a lot of meat and girth to it. I know I said in the past I was ready for something other than Super Mario Galaxy 3, but damn, I think I would have preferred that than SM3DW. (BAHAHA AT THAT ABBREVIATION.)

It’ll still be a fun game to sit back and chillax with, that’s for sure, but I can’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment.


  1. I think that was it. It feels like Nintendo doesn’t know how to tackle games that require more and more manpower. I’m sure the game is fun in it’s own right, but I want a 3D platformer like 64 again. It was neat to see the 2D stuff pop up here and there but I’m done with it. I have 2D games to scratch that itch. It just feels lazy now.

    • YES! That’s exactly what I wanted, another 64 platformer. I think you’re right — this one won’t scratch that itch.

  2. yeah nintendo did nothing to make me want to buy a wii u on the other hand sony hit it out of the park and im now going to buy a ps4

  3. When I first saw this I thought it was a follow-up to Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, but I was disappointed to find out it was a Wii U game. I just can’t muster any excitement for the Wii U, and this certainly isn’t the game that’ll make me go out and buy one (at this point I don’t think that game will ever exist).

    • Riiiight? I mean, is there even a game like that on the Wii U for some people? Bayonetta will be one of ’em, but other than that…Zelda, and who knows when that will come out.

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