Super Bad Mario

Oh these things. I never grow tired of them. I mean, how could you? They showcase people falling, which is one of the funniest things ever known to man, and our favorite pasta-loving plumber being an asshole. Which leaves the question, why is he such an asshole? My theory is that the stress of constantly having to save a princess named after a fungus really, REALLY gets to him and, well, fucking with people helps him cope. ::shrug::

In any case, my favorite clip is the one with the cat. It makes me wish there were actual real coins floating around I can go try to, like, jump and grab and shit. Sigh. Maybe I should try doing some heavy drugs. That might make my dream a reality.



  1. As if watching people fall isn’t funny enough, they go and add game sprites and somehow make it EVEN FUNNIER!!!

    • When The Princess first appeared in the West she was Princess Toadstool. It Wasn’t until close to 10 years later that she became Princess Peach. In Japan she was always Peach(makes no sense to me either). Britt is oldschool and has a shroom fetish, but really who doesn’t?

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