Super Apartment Bros

I love videogames. I also love reality television. So, when you put the both of those lil’ gems together they morph into a bowl of “Magical soup for Brittney”. (Also, I’m refraining from making some perverted Alistair reference right now.)

I’ve watched almost all of Season One and this series is funny. I think with the proper funding and marketing Super Apartment Bros will KABOOM all over the internets and all over your face.

“[Super Apartment Bros is] a 32-bit animated series about three video game characters who share an apartment in a virtual world and references many aspects of gaming and internet culture. The main cast includes Griffin; the retired space marine, Igam; the sarcastic mage, and Sophie; the cat-girl ninja-princess.”

I mean, c’mon! With a description like that how could this possibly go wrong?!



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