UPDATE: January 3rd, 2012

Hey guys,

It makes me a sad panda to announce Tara, Kristina and I have decided to take a step back from blogging on Zaxy. New and exciting opportunities have presented themselves and we’ve collectively decided to focus on our own, personal projects.

I’m extremely grateful for the fun things I was able to do because of Zaxy, but most importantly, I’ll be forever grateful that I was able to befriend Tara and Kristina! (I love those girls!) And last, but certainly not least, I know some of you learned of my nerdy existence because of Zaxy–and the fact that you’ve stuck with me this far means oodles of buffalo-wing-flavored noodles!!! <333333


Zaxy.com is a blog ran by Tara (center), Kristina (right) and I. We’re three of geeks of different trades hailing from the Seattle area. My forte is obviously all things related to the gaming industry, whereas Tara is more into comics, sci-fi and tabletop gaming, and Kristina is a Harry Potter nerd among other things. We have regular slumber parties where we eat pizza, drink beer, play video games and giggle like school girls. We also test and review products for websites like ThinkGeek and GamerFood.com. I freakin’ love these girls.


  1. It’s nice to see good collaboration, especially from such talented young ladies ^_^ good luck with future endeavors all

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