Street Performer Plays Zelda And It’s Rad

At first I was like, “Ehhh it’s just a street performer playing Zelda.” But then I was like, “WAIT DUDE THIS IS A STREET PERFORMER PLAYING ZELDA AND THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS RAD.”

I don’t mind street performers — after all, there’s an abundance of them around downtown Seattle and I’ve gotten to the sound of a million different instruments collectively going off at once. (They really should space themselves out more.) And hey, no one ever complained of free entertainment! (HAHA I kid of course they have.) All that said I wish more would play Zelda tunes. That would make my insides even warmer than they already are and the streets of Seattle *that* much better.

Also as a FYI, I’m gonna be a bit in and out through the end of the week, so things might be a bit slow on the blogging front. DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME ;___; OrI’llComeToYourHouseAndStareAtYouWhileYouSleep.



  1. I once saw a Zelda street performer while waiting outside the convention center at PAX. I had to give him money. He was playing lots of great Wind Waker tunes :)

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