Street Fighter V Is A Thing

Capcom published this trailer on their YouTube channel earlier this morning yet it was taken down hours later. A tease, or an accident?

I’ve never been much a fighting kinda’ gal (button mashing and hoping for the best never seems to work out for me) but I know a metric fuck-ton of you are fans of the genre, so HEY! Just because I don’t know squat about Street Fighter doesn’t mean I can’t post it on here for all of the kiddies to enjoy.

With all that said, I AM a curious cat. I remember Street Fighter IV caused a lot of hype…SOOOO…what are your thoughts on V? I mean, there isn’t a lot to go on, but let me know what you want to see done differently, what you want to be kept the same, etc…basically LEARN ME PLEASE. Tell me what all of the cool Street Fighter kids are talking about.




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