Spam? No spam?

If you’re reading this, I want you to imagine me giving you a big ol’ hug.

[insert virtual hug here]

For some (and I suspect for all) pop-up ads spam the shit out of them whenever they visit my site. I’m not quite sure how it happened. I hadn’t been on for about five to six days before I noticed it, but looking back I *had* updated a few plugins, so maybe one of them was corrupt or something. YOOOOOU BASTARD!

I kind of feel like…this is my baby and my baby has some flu bug. Except my baby likes to barf up “digital desire” and OK! Magazine ads. *sniff* I taught her so well. But for serious, I’ve emailed the fine folks at BlueHost and hopefully they can help me out! If they can’t, I will no longer refer to them as the “fine” folks. More like…just folks. Right.

Anywho, this was just a public service announcement (I’ve always wanted to write that) regarding the current artarded state of this website. I hope everything will be up and running smoothly soon! Monday. That would be awesome.

Until then, I’m going to forget about my sorrows by heading over to Eastern Washington and floating down a river. With beer.

Update: Apparently, BlueHost isn’t getting the spam/pop-up issue. HMMMMM…IS IT FIXED?!


  1. There is generally an ad right at the beginning of the articles. Is that intentional? Because they aren’t unobtrusive – they’re annoying.

    Just thought I’d share. As for pop-ups, I’ve not seen any.

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