South Park Pinball

It’s sorta-kinda one of those uber slow days, soooo here’s South Park Pinball. Now, I’ve seen this game mentioned several times across this thing called social media but I’ve done nothing but ignore it because UHHHH I’m hearing “South Park Pinball” not “South Park: The Stick of Truth 2”. But, again, it’s sorta-kinda one of those uber slow days, so, again, here’s South Park Pinball. Apparently it’s pretty rad.

I’ve dinked around with pinball games on consoles before and they’ve been fun, but I bet it’d be a lot more fun with another person. Y’know, have one person control the right flipper and someone else control the left. And hey, South Park is always rad. Yeeeeep. I’m totally stretching this as far as I can. PINBALL, EVERYONE. IT’S FUN TIMES GUARANTEED.


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