Son Spends Almost $8,000 In FIFA Microtransactions, Dad Flips

“There will never be another Xbox system — or any gaming system — in my home.” – Lance Perkins


Okay. So. A man in Ontario, named Lance, has a son. The name of Lance’s son is unknown because he is 17-years-old, a minor. Okay. So. At one point Lance gave his son a credit card for for the sole purpose of emergencies and/or to make purchases for the family’s convenience store. Y’know. That old chestnut. However the son soooorta-kinda used the credit card to rack up $7,625.88 IN MOTHERFUCKING FIFA MICROTRANSACTIONS.





Needless to say when Lance found out he blew his shit and confronted his son, who also blew his shit yet pleaded ignorance. (I call BS. There’s no way this kid didn’t know what he was doing.) Lance reached out to the credit card company who was like NOPE we can’t help you unless you wanna charge your son with fraud and Microsoft was like NOPE too bad. TOO. BAD. 2 bad

Sorry. I can’t stop laughing. How ridiculous. Again — HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN.

Pembroke parent gets $8K Xbox bill after son racks up charges [CBC]

**Note: That 7,625.88 is in CAD. In USD, that equals $5,360.90. TOTALLY acceptable now.**


  1. What are micro transactions? Could someone explain what it is, how much each one is, and how often they are offered in the game? Thank you!

    • its pay to win.. usually see them on free games for special features or power ups making you stronger then others. Now you see them more and more on games you already paid money for… greedy fuckers.

  2. lol reached out the credit card company? did he really think that would work. hope the operator laughed at him. dont give your goof son your credit card. GG

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