So…I found this sword…

And let me tell you, as soon as my hands gripped that handle a stream of badassery ran through my veins and I was MORE than ready to slay Darkspawn, Lizalfos, mammoths, orcs, dragons, or whatever else would have the unfortunate luck of crossing my path. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned beasts came across my aforementioned path so I was unable to slay them, but I want you to know mercy would not have been shown. 

There is something extremely satisfying about wielding a sword. It makes you feel like the biggest badass in the world. I’m a HUGE fan of medieval everything and anything (I’m going to Vegas in a few weeks and I’m most looking forward to Tournament of Kings!) so to actually, you know, HOLD a sword felt like the best thing ever. I’m sure in some prior life I was a knight or something. 

Also—just calling it now—I’m going to make a mockery of some medieval videogames and wear a chainmail bikini for Halloween. I will be impervious to attacks sand no one will be able to harm me. Because that’s just how it works. 

<3 Britt


  1. Halloween is a loooooong way away, but in case I don’t get the chance before then…pics or it didn’t happen.

    Someone left a sword behind at one of my aunts old apartments. It used to feel awesome holding it. Though it was more like a curved sword of an old cavalry man, or something. Not a strait sword like that, and it was old and tarnished with some kind of black soot or something.

  2. Dear god woman why must you be so awesome o_O

    Oh wait we knows why, cuz thats just how it works

    WHY OH WHY did you Zaxy girls stop being Zaxy girls, must have all four of you come back for an all medieval photshoot O_O
    Imagine the amount of EPIC

    O_O epic pose is epic

  3. I remember when I first moved to San Francisco and I went with a buddy to Chinatown. Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience a scene for scene re-enactment of “Big Trouble in Little China.” I think Kim Cattrall could not be reached or something. Anyways there are 5 or 6 sword shops in Little China and we found a few that would let us hold the swords. It was pretty fun. I should give that 3D Brit-knight I made a few semesters ago a sword…I actually made a sword that semester too… School, making me work so hard I can’t put two things together.

    • SWEET! I love those little shops! Drewz0rf took me to a few when I was in SF last year too. SO MUCH FUN. Also, I think 3D Britt-knight does need a sword. JUST SAYING. ;)

  4. The sword does look pretty damn sweet. And as an rpg fanatic, The chest it would take to contain it would have been massive. ( I am such a nerd)

  5. The sword suits you. I have my own collection of blades, I need to add more knight swords though. Perhaps I should post some pictures of me posing with my swords and machetes. If only I were a hot girl then the Internet would all come to look at me. Eh you can have the attention

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