So, about that Sega Saturn…

In case you didn’t read my Panzer Dragoon Saga log entry, let me sum it up for you in three sentences: I know little to nothing about the game. My aunt has told me it’s one of the best things to ever grace this planet. I was super duper excited to finally play it.

Now, I’ve owned PDS for a while now, but I never owned a Sega Saturn. That all changed one faithful night last month when I ordered one off of the internet, specifically eBay. I bought it from a reputable seller, so I figured I wouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. Now, here’s another sentence from my entry:

“…I only hope the Sega Saturn actually, you know, WORKS. I uh haven’t tested it yet.”

Last night a friend and I hooked everything up (hell, I even bought a brand spankin’ new battery for the thing) and with all cords plugged into their respective outlets, I pushed the Power button.

…aaaaaand nothing happened. And I mean NOTHING happened. No lights, no clicking, no buzzing, NADA. Ladies and gentleman, my Sega Saturn is a dud. It doesn’t work at all. BONER-FUCKING-KILL.


I immediately hopped on eBay and emailed my seller. I looked at this person’s history as a seller, and it looks like he (or she) is REALLY good about offering refunds for broken items. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that upon their return from wherever they are (looks like they get back on the 14th) we can figure something out. My only concern is that I waited  about a month to test the Saturn out…but like I said, I figured this person was reputable because of their high ratings (18+ thousand).

We’ll see. Until then, I’m giving inFamous a shot.


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