Skyward Sword Log #4: An Overdue Update

Well, I can’t avoid it any longer. I’m going to attempt to update my Skyward Sword game log—over a month’s worth of ishnit—in one entry. (Pssst: this is when you give me a “GODSPEED!” and watch me suffer.)

I entered Sky Keep—the final dungeon—a few days ago, but unfortunately my head was le-pounding and I couldn’t muster up the wisdom, power and courage to continue any further. (Also, see what I did thare? Of course you did, you smart bastard.) Therefore I’ve visited each location three times (each location meaning the forest, desert and volcano) and completed their respective dungeons and annoying fetch quests. 

I’ve really enjoyed the dungeon layouts. In fact, I’d say the Skyward Sword dungeons are some of my favorite. They stay true to the typical Zelda formula, but they kick it up a notch by requiring the player not only to use the “item of the dungeon” but also the equipment acquired in prior dungeons. There have been several instances where I’ve found myself scratching my non-existent beard in front of a seemingly impossible puzzle, only to whip out my inventory and use an item I came by at the beginning of the game. Props for that!

The Earth Temple

As far as motion controls go, I’d say I’ve become 86.32% accustomed to ‘em. There have been a few instances when I’d rather, you know, NOT have to jack-off the Wiimote (a very stressful failure I suffered during one of the trials comes to mind. WHY do I have to shake the Wiimote to quickly hop up a ladder?! Under that kind of stress I can’t concentrate on waggling it *just right*. CURSE YOU!). But I’m definitely not as roid-ragey as I was before. They took some getting used to, and over the course of the game I’ve, well, gotten used to them.

Speaking of controls, I mentioned this on an earlier post, but I’ve been playing Skyward Sword differently than most people. The game isn’t designed to be co-op, but that’s exactly how a friend and I have been playing this bad boy. My buddy controls Link’s movement (aka the nunchuck) and I control everything else on the Wiimote. I know it sounds ludicrous, but trust me when I say it works EXTREMELY well and we’ve been doin’ it this way shortly after the SandShip.  TRY IT.

Overall, I find that Skyward Sword has its ups and downs. I <3 the dungeon layouts and the creative use of the inventory, but the lack of new locations to explore makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out. I mean, hey, THERE ISN’T A HECKUVA LOT TO SEE ANYWAY. Also, WTF is up with the decision to axe the fishing?!!  GAHHH!! It’s like, here I am in the middle of this HUGE lake/pond/whatever, and I can physically see fish swimming around but I can’t catch them?! Hell I even broke out my bug net in a failed attempt to participate in the act of fishation. u_U

Oh, it's LAKE FLORIA. L-A-K-E. As in, water. FISHING.
OH LOOK! More water. But no fishing. =_=

The story itself is pretty cut and dry. Apparently through the act of collecting musical tadpoles and such I have proven myself to be the true Hero of Time. Now I need to find the Triforce before the bad guys do. My main “B” Zelda has locked herself in some chamber in the past (this is the part when you can tell I haven’t taken any notes) in order to prevent Demise from…uh, breaking out of some seal…in the past? But in an interesting twist (I’m not sure if this information has been revealed in any of the prior titles) Zelda is actually the Goddess Hylia reincarnated. So, like, Lake Hylia is named after this bitch. Pretty cool. Aaaad that’s all I remember.

 …I am so Wikipedia’ing this ish after I beat it.


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