Skyward Sword Log #1: Sex.

LE SQUEE!! It excites me to no end that I’m finally able to create a game log about Skyward Sword. The last Zelda title I played was Wind Waker, which was actually the first game log I made for, so that must mean this is a momentous occasion, right? Sure. Anywhozers, I didn’t have the patience to create a pre-game log so with this entry comes the knowledge of Skyward Sword’s events leading up to first dungeon. (Hey, you can’t blame me. All I wanted to do was see Link in his Wind Waker/Twilight Princess art-esque sexiness, not write about it).

It’s far too early to say whether or not this will surpass Ocarina of Time, but I feel like Skyward Sword is a tight little bundle of awesomeness that is waiting for the right moment to explode on me. I found the intro stuff was intriguing and entertaining (to see Zelda with an actual personality was awesome) but now I’m ready for Nintendo to let go of my hand and allow me to do epic adventuring shit. Thankfully, as I entered the first temple I notice Nintendo is loosening that grip a little.

Also, facial animations. My GOD. They are amazing.

The only issue I notice thus far is the Wiimote getting off track, but I can’t bitch too much because I was playing Skyward Sword with another person so we were frequently trading off the remote, throwing off the calibration. Even after calibrating, though, I would find the need to do it again every 10-15 minutes—but thankfully it only takes about five seconds to perform the sacred act of calibration. Oh. Also. NINTENDO. I want to control my Loftwing with the FUCKING JOYSTICK. Not the Wiimote. GAH. =___=

First impressions (in a nutshell): Sword has massive potential, and it’s becoming easier to see why enormous internet boner for this game exists.

Now I find myself in a quandary. All progress made in Skyward Sword was played on my friend’s Wii, therefore I am technically at 0% with my own save file. I have no issues starting over, as I think it’ll only take about four hours to get caught up. The issue lies with Batman: Arkham City. What the heck do I do now? I’m guessing I’m around 20% complete with my Gotham adventures, and I think I’d eventually hate myself I completely put it on the backburner.

Do I need to…multitask? Like, juggle games? Me? Oh man. I fail miserably at this.


I don't even know.


  1. I’m not normally one to multitask games, but I’m in the same boat. I’m about 70% into Uncharted 3, and could probably finish it in 4 to 6 more hours. However, Zelda just came in the mail. I cannot ignore Zelda. It’s Zeellllldaaaa!

  2. I’m literally stuck in the same position except with AC: Revelations! I decided to just stick with AC and play through it and enjoy it, but its been hard to stick to that plan already ever since Zelda showed up from UPS today

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