Skyrim Log #4: Freddy Farkas!

It’s official: I cannot last longer than 12 or so hours without thinking about Skyrim. This is rather unfortunate because today is Monday and I haven’t laid a hand on Skyrim since Friday. So if you see a pile of fingernails or something else indicating a nervous habit on the floor, please don’t pay any attention.

So I totally bought a house! That’s exciting, right? I even furnished it with a kitchen! Pretty soon every man in Whiterun is going to want my nuts. Speaking of men in Whiterun…I think I’m totally going to try and mack on Farkas. Sure he’s kind of weird looking and has shit for brains, but the man can handle a sword quite well if you know what I mean.

Look at dem LIPS!

And seeing as  I’m now an official member of The Companions, he’s probably already  57% in love with me. THIS SHOULD BE EASY.

But other than that, not a heckuva lot happened during my little two hour Skyrim romp on Friday.  I slayed another dragon, learned some fireball-esque shout and finished some miniscule quests. The next big thing (heh, “big thing”) on my agenda is to travel to the mountains and speak with the Greybeards, who are “The Way of the Voice” or something. I dunno…I might have made that up. Anyway, apparently they’ve summoned me and my epic Dragonborn self.

I just want to know when I’ll learn how to shout FUS RO DAH!

<3 Britt

PS: Also, if you missed it, Emil Pagliarulo left a comment on my Skyrim log. I probably freaked the poor guy out seeing as I tweeted and Facebook’d the SHIT out this lil’ event, but you gotta admit, that is pretty freakin’ awesome!!!


    • Yes. Be glad. I’m surprised I’ve became so hooked on Skyrim–I was worried I’d burn out on it, but I think I’m doin’ it right! But once you become hooked yourself I might have some helpful advice. Like, Skyrim Anonymous.

  1. haha I must have sunk a good hundred hours into Skyrim. It’s been shelved for a little while, but it is only going to take a good mod to come out to draw me back in. That’s the problem with the recent bethesda games…the fans keep making it even better. Also Bethesda is making it better.
    whats with bethesda wanting only some of my money, but all of my free time?

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