Skies of Arcadia HD: I’ll take ten.

It has been a long, LONG time since I’ve played Skies of Arcadia—hell, I was in middle school—but let me tell you, ten years later I still can taste a sweet, reminisctic flavor in my mouth. [Insert obligatory “That’s what she said!” here.] But should you ask me to recall the plot sequences I’d have to wrack my brain. Let’s see…I remember the gigas, an enemy fleet, a sexy gypsy and a bunch of moons. BOOM. If you want specifics I’ll kindly point you to the nearest Wikipedia. ;)

But what I do remember is the sheer amount of fun I had while playing Skies of Arcadia. While it’s true I can’t tell you exactly what unfolded during the story, I can tell you I had a tremendous time upgrading my airship, unlocking discoveries, rebuilding Pirate’s Isle, building my reputation via the rating system, exploring the vast overworld (which, in my opinion, puts Skyward Sword to shame) and watching the characters interact with their impeccable expressions.

In fact, I loved that game so friggen’ much I even wrote a spin-off for my seventh grade English class. Oh man…I remember using the same character names, locations…EVERYTHING. I got so into it. HAHAHAHA. #NerdForLife. But that wasn’t enough—oh no. Because there wasn’t a player’s guide available at the time I INSISTED on making my own. Well, kind of. I printed out a page-by-page guide off of the internet (the internet was a thing back then? CRAZY! ;D) and made my mom drive me to a store so I could purchase a hardcover binder, as opposed to a softcover binder (because all things are better hard) and a three-hole punch. I then came home, made effin’ front, back AND spine covers for the binder, hole-punched every page and hand-labeled every single page number.

Dedication: I had it.

Now, skip to 7:15 below. To say this news made me happy in the pants would be a vast understatement.

::hums a tune about Skies of Arcadia HD while throwing money at Sega::

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