Shit Gamers Say to Their Girlfriends

HAHAHAHAHA!!! This video seriously made my night. And it’s even funnier because there have been occasions when the roles were reversed and I was TOTALLY one of those guys. I mean, Ferelden, the land of Dragon Age, was not going to save itself.

Nor was Mass Effect’s galaxy, Final Fantasy IX’s Gaia, the farm from Harvest Moon…

…I should probably stop now.

<3 Britt



  1. Personal favorite: “Oh, NOW your arm doesn’t get tired.”

    When I was married, my then-wife was not always happy at my hobby. She would get unreasonably upset at my weekly 2-hour sessions of original Call of Duty multiplayer on the PC. Oh well, we’re divorced now, and I have all this alone time to sit around and play video games to distract myself from worrying about being alone forever in a state of despair and isolation.

    Everything’s all peachy! :D

  2. Who needs a girlfriend when you have video games? AKA my Valentines plans…

    I do confess though, most of my cursing is either A) Video games or B) driving

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