Hey guys, do you know I have an obsession with garage sales? You probably never would have known had I not told you just now, but I like to go to them and find videogames for cheap so I can stuff them into my game tower. It’s just a thing I do.

However my weekends have been pretty booked as of late, so I haven’t been “on the prowl” for cheap videostuffs like I normally am. But if my parents (bless their hearts) are out and about and they see something that miiiiight pique my interest they’re pretty good about calling and checking with me.

This past weekend was the perfect example of this working relationship. You see, I was super busy with super important things this weekend as you can clearly see from the photo evidence below:

What? Going to Lake Chelan IS important work.

So while I was out being busy and stuff, my mom did me a HUGE favor. Rewinding a bit—on Thursday afternoon I had spotted an add on Craigslist that was relevant to my interests:

I had to underline Nintendo Magazines so you didn't think I was talking about the Penthose mags. GEEZ.

Unfortunately the sale was Saturday only, and since I knew I was going to be out of town I asked my wonderful mother if she would do me the favor of attending this garage sale. She agreed to do it. I love her. Anyway, I called her Saturday afternoon to see what the Sitrep was, and she declared her mission was a success. For $15, she was able to snag a HUGE bin full of Nintendo Power magazines.

Also, in case you don’t know/haven’t seen photos of my woman cave, I collect game magazines.

I finally got home last night from my epic, important trip and DAMN SAM! She wasn’t kidding—there are a TON of vintage Ninty magazines.

Effin’ SCORE.

HOW COOL IS THAT?! Even though they’re not actual games, this is definitely one of the better garage sale hauls. <3.

I haven’t looked through all of them yet, but I can’t wait to see what gems are in there!

Now the question is as follows: WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT THEM?!  The boards in my bookcase are already starting to bend in the middle from the weight of my current magazines.



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