Ryse: Son of Rome

Have I ever mentioned that the press hour before PAX is the best thing ever? I’ve never woken up early enough to attend, but guys, the show floor is almost EMPTY for an ENTIRE HOOOOURRR. Anyway, one of the first “OOH I WANNA PLAY THAT!” games I came across yesterday morning was Ryse: Son of Rome. I was totally all over its nuts during this year’s E3 reveal, but became a bit skeptical after reading lackluster previews. So, hey, it was the perfect opportunity to try it out for myself.

I was paired up with a buddy of mine, and together we were thrown into an onbjective-based multiplayer mode. The objectives were quite simple and, erm, required the burning down of tents. I assume they were enemy tents. Yeah. So to do this, we had to battle our way through waves of enemies while progressing forward within the map. When we came to our objectives — cauldrons filled with fire — we had to slash at ’em until they toppled over and engulfed everything within the vicinity in flames. Rinse, wash, repeat, and that was the extent of the demo!

Combat wasn’t anything “ZOMG WORTHY!” but for someone who is a button-masher at heart it perfectly suited my needs. Y’know, “X” to slash, “Y” to shield attack, “A” to block — there was a fun God mode though — think of as your warrior unleashing waves of energy all around him AND MAKING EVERYONE HIS BITCH. Oh! I DIDN’T know this before yesterday, but you have the ability to level your characters up and make them stronger, faster, etc.! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Love me some levelin’-up action.

All in all, I think Ryse will be a fun game to pick up and dink around with the multiplayer from time to time, because I DID enjoy myself during the demo. But I think before I’m totally sold on the single-player experience, I’ll have to see more of, like, a story or SOMETHING to keep me hooked. I have a feeling though it’s more of a combat-focused game, which is great for some, but I need a solid narrative so I can, y’know, develop character crushes and whatnot.

(On a side-note, yesterday was the first time I used the Xbox One in action. I, friends, am very sold. It obviously feels familiar, but the little improvements don’t go unnoticed. Dem analog sticks.)


  1. Glad you got to try it out! If you get a chance, the booth showing the new Kinect sports game tech is pretty cool…they do a body scan and facial scan to create personalized avatars in game. Also the project spark demo right after showing mocap is nice. Hope to see ya on the floor today!

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