RUT ROH: Amazon Sold out of PS4 and Xbox One Pre-Orders


::wipes sweat off brow:: WHEW! Good thing I pre-ordered the Xbox One earlier this week!

But never fear! If you’ve had your heart set on ordering your next-gen console goodness from Amazon you can still pre-order the consoles, BUT the catch is there’s no guarantee you’re gonna receive ’em on launch day. Might not be a huge deal for some, but for others it might be a deep, twisting stab in the ol’ ticker. If you’re like me and the thought of not having a console on launch day puts you over the edge, try Walmart or Target. Last I checked they were still taking pre-orders and I believe they will ship same day as launch. I won’t sign that statement in blood, though. ;)

I LIVE for midnight launches, but even so I had to cover my ass and pre-order my consoles on Amazon. That being said I’m going to leech onto someone who plans to wait in line for 6+ hours and join them for the midnight shenanigans, and probably pick up a few games while I’m there. The energy of a midnight launch is SO electric. I remember waiting in line for the Wii back in 2006; I had accidentally fallen asleep on my parents’ couch (I passed out wearing all of my midnight-launch gear, like a heavy coat, wool socks, boots, etc. This was WASHINGTON in NOVEMBER we’re talking about) and thank GOD my mom was on Wii scouting duty calling around asking if any lines had formed. As soon as she heard a line had been formed outside of a store for the Wii she woke my ass up and, half-sleep, I sped off to Fred Meyer so hard. I was accompanied by my buddy who had just came from a hunting trip and smelled of deer piss. Ah yes, good times. Nothing like inhaling doe urine for seven hours.

What’s your plan for the next-gen consoles? Are you going to try and find them online, or attend a midnight launch? Or are you going to stay inside and wave your cane about while mumbling about today’s youth while playing Atari?


  1. I’ve never been to a midnight launch for anything. Part of me kinda wants to, but the other part of me says that shopping online is so much more convenient that I shouldn’t bother. I know, I could get camaraderie and solidarity with my fellow gamers and all that jazz, but I could also sleep in and not have to wear pants as it’s delivered right to my door. Choices.

    As for these consoles, I doubt I’ll be getting one at launch. I think one of the rumored launch dates for the PS4 is actually on my birthday (November 13th), so maybe my family or friends will actually surprise me and buy me one (Note: this will not happen).

    • BAHAHAHA! Word. Why wear pants and wait in cold weather when you could have someone deliver it to you?

      Awwww. Maybe you can ask them to make you a PS4 cake? ;D

  2. I never feel it’s worth buying the first gen of any console. First gen is the first 6 months after release.
    They haven’t worked out the major bugs, until around 9 months to a year after release.
    Then a few months later, it usually drops in price, by quite a bit.

    • That’s true! I waited and WAITED for the PS3’s price drop, and when that finally happened I waited for the slim version. Of course the slim version was announced a week or so after I bought my fat, but oh well!

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