Rock Band 4 Is Coming! Rock Band 4 Is Coming!


Prepare yourselves for more music and plastic instruments, as Harmonix has announced Rock Band 4 is a thing that’s happening in 2015.

Some highlights from Destructoid’s article:

  • Harmonix wants to make Rock Band 4 more of a social, accessible experience that encourages players to “get the band back together.” What I got out of this was they’re going to take away a lot of the shiny doohickies and focus on a more “straightforward” Rock Band title. This is backed up by the fact Pro mode is basically goneski, and while drums will still be supported as a base instrument, Pro Guitar, Pro Bass and the keyboard are gone baby, gone.
  • Harmonix is working with Sony and Microsoft to ensure old peripherals will work with Rock Band 4. They can’t make any promises just yet, but the team is hopeful they can make it happen.
  • Not only is Mad Catz manufacturing new Rock Band 4’s new instruments, they’re co-publishing the game with Harmonix. Daaaaaaaamn.
  • In regards to previously bought songs, it sounds like Harmonix needs to recreate every song in Rock Band’s library. This obviously will take a metric buttload of time, but Harmonix is tackling it head-on. In short, players won’t be required to purchase tracks for a second time, but it could be a while before all songs are available.

Well, hey! This is kinda exciting. I mean, I was always a Guitar Hero person myself, but I’m definitely down to give Rock Band a shot. On that note, I think we can all bank on a new Guitar Hero installment being announced in the near future. I’m guessing no later than E3.

How do you feel about the music genre making a comeback? I still have Guitar Hero cravings every now and then, and hey, I think new iterations could be something chill and casual to get back into, so I’m all for it. However I’m, like, five years older now and my wrists are old and decrepit from stuff and things that has NOTHING to do with the perverted thought that likely just crossed your mind. (It’s okay, it crossed mine too.)  So it’s likely I won’t be able to go hardcore like I used to and shred ‘dem…buttons.


  1. I played guitar hero and I own a few, and definitely went through a phase liking it, ill try rock band if it looks worthy.

  2. I thought the best part of RB3 was Pro Mode. I also enjoyed the idea of multiple instruments. And I tell you what, no backwards compatibility means me no purchasey.

  3. I am excited about this game. I have almost all of the dlc songs and a large amount of RBN tracks as well. I just need more guitars but I need the old Guitar Hero ones and not the lame Rock Band guitars.

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