Rise Of The Tomb Raider Trailer – “Aim Greater”

I truly do not believe anyone defies death as often as Miss Croft. Like, props to her for surviving as much shit as she has. One would think, however, at some point she would consider the risk and perhaps tone down her exploring a bit. I mean if that were me I’d lock myself in a secluded cabin with padded walls and a stockpile of food. But knowing Lara’s luck, the cabin would collapse, the food would actually be infested with flesh-eating beetles and the fire would leap out of its pit and consume everything within 30,000 miles.

But, y’know.

Anywhozers, the full reveal, nay, the WORLD PREMIERE of Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a thing that happens on June 15th during Xbox’s E3 press conference.

You stoked? I’m stoked. I loved Tomb Raider. (The one that released in 2013. Admittedly I haven’t played much of the others.)

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  1. I played the first two PS1 installments, went back when they made Legend and those were all enjoyable. None of them were as great as the reboot, though.

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