Resident Evil REmake Is Being Remade

(Make sure you turn dem subtitles on!)

A brand spankin’ new remade, remastered and redone (does that even make sense?) version of the original Resident Evil is making its way to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC as a digital-only title early next year. Technically, it’s a remake of “REmake” — the GameCube remastered version of Resident Evil that released in 2002. CONFUSED YET BRUH?!

Some quick specs:

  • 1080p sexual goodness will be available for current-gen
  • 720p will be available for last-gen
  • 4:3 and 16:9 are available for your eyeballs
  • 5:1 surround sound support


Freakin’ sweet, right?! Resident Evil is one of my favoritest of my favey-faves, and I’ll gladly allow any sort of HD awesomeness to grace my life with its undead presence. And hey, this gives folks who haven’t played the original Resident Evil an attractive option (no pun intended) to experience a true classic.

Famitsu has a few screenshots, not a lot, but enough to show us what we’re lookin’ at.

It’s been years since I’ve revisited the original Resident Evil…methinks this remastered edition will be the perfect way to amend that. <3



  1. is cheaper to buy a remastered version or remake to keep an old console games and deal with the quality of the graphics when connected to a LED or LCD ..personal opinion

  2. The Gamecube remake was really awesome. Still impressed how much performance and quality Capcom got out of the Gamecube in 2002. The engine was really good designed and the atmosphere of the whole game was absolutely perfect. I hope Capcom will make a remake of RE2 with the same “HD-polished” engine.
    Greets from Germany!

  3. I think I tried to play this game when I was a kid and I kept turning it off in fright when it would do the loading door screen on a very particularly bloody one.

    Maybe I’ll get through it this time. Or maybe I’ll end up doing the exact same thing.

  4. Did you ever play the original (pre-Dual Shock) Resident Evil? I’ve been trying to find a copy and/or a way to play it for months now. I’ve been wanting to see & experience the difference between the original and the changes made for the version we can easily find for digital download now.

      • I have! But the copies on Ebay I’ve bid on have gone way too high for me by the time the auction ends. With Amazon (at least last time I checked…which I will do again tonight), I keep seeing people try to pawn off just the disc for >$40.

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