Resident Evil 6 Trailer: Even Wetter Panties

Watching this trailer was a beautiful way to start my morning. Absolutely perfect. <3

Okay, so a few things:

  • Sherry is apparently, like, older now and on Protective Detail. She is adorable. Before I make any crude comments I will ensure that she is of legal age. I mean, I’m assuming she is because she’s right smack in the middle of some clusterfuck, but you never know.
  • This new dude (I believe his name is Jake) is…WESKER’S SON?!! Sure, that means Jake carries rare blood and all that mambo jambo, but more importantly it means someone boinked Wesker. Um, ew. That’s not a pretty mental image. It’s like, “Hello Mr. Wesker. Please peer down at me with those glowing red eyes while you are doing your thing.” Do. Not. Want.
  • Chris and Leon are going to meet for the first time!!! Maybe they’ll forget about everything happening and remove their shirts so that they may compare their six-pacs or something. That would be amazeballs. Speaking of amazeballs, DEM GRAPHICS! I’m sure you’d be able to see every ripple of muscle…oh, ahem. Am I typing out-loud? ;D
  • There is this thing called the C-Virus. So we have a T-Virus, a G-Virus and now a C-Virus. I only skimmed through the written previews as Resident Evil 6 will already be a day-one purchase, so I’m not too sure on the significance of the new virus,  but it sounds like it’s going to be a much bigger threat than the T and G Viruses. Rut roh.

CAN IT BE OCTOBER 2ND ALREADY?! ::throws money on Capcom:: TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL!


    • Ha! I haven’t! But I’m a little nervous to meet them. I mean, they gotta be crazy! ;D (Kind of like how I am with Alistair!)

  1. Okay I think Nolan North is pretty decent, but does he have to voice every fucking game? Roger Craig Smith did an awesome job as Chris Redfield in 5, I don’t see why the casting people felt the need to replace him.

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