Resident Evil 6 Log #1: Sorry, Mr. President….

Okay, so I know Resident Evil 6 has gotten some hate (for serious, the scores are ranging from the 2’s to the 9’s) — but I gotta say, even though I’m only through Leon’s first chapter I am REALLY enjoying it! Granted, I’m playing local co-op with my prior RE5 buddy which always makes things vastly more entertaining (it took us 15 minutes to walk out of the first room because we were having way too much fun causing our characters to seize by rapidly pressing the “bring up GPS” button).

But let’s remind ourselves about my post-RE5 thoughts (which I only finished this February):

  • Jill looks good as a blonde, but she really needs to get a spray tan or something. She looks like that girl on the cover of Parasite Eve. (I really need to play that game.) Also, she and Chris are totally boinking.
  • Wesker is SO not dead. I don’t care if he was while shot in the face by two rocket launchers while drowning in a pool of lava. He’s still not dead. That red-eyed bastard never dies.
  • I liked Sheva, but I would like to see her thrown in more situations and see her develop as a character. Like onions, man–peel those layers back. What I’m saying is that she should be in Resident Evil 6.
  • I need to find all of the documents available in RE5 and nerd out over them. I noticed a lot of them have information dating back to the creation of the T and G viruses and that makes me very giddy. There’s probably some juicy stuff in there.
  • My co-op partner and I had WAY too much fun with the voice commands. Capcom could probably make a game based off of those alone. “COME ON!”
  • WHY can’t we ever be rewarded with an epic prologue for Resident Evil titles? I swear. “OHAI! You’ve spent many ‘a hour playing our game, getting frustrated, etc., so here’s a 30 second ending cut scene! CONGRATS!”
  • Chris Redfield is on steroids.
So, this is what’s happened thus far in RE6: I’ve (meaning Leon) shot the zombified president of the United States. With United States Secret service agent, Helena Harper, I am attempting to get to the Tall Oaks Cathedral because this is “all” her “fault” and she’ll reveal more when we get there. On the way, I’ve shot many a zombies, met a bunch of folks in a gun shop — which triggered nostalgia of this scene in Resident Evil 2:
Leon Kennedy: rocking the same ‘do since the PlayStation.

And now I’m currently on a bus on my way to said Cathedral, where people are supposedly holing up. That is NEVER a good sign. I mean, if there’s anything I’ve learned from zombie lore it’s that any supposed “safehouse” turns out to be nothing more than a slaughterhouse full of human body parts and such. Not good.

In any case, I think as long as you don’t set your expectations super-duper high for these later-gen Resident Evil games you’re going to have a great time with them. (Which might be a terrible thing to say, but it’s the truth.) I will say the auto-running is wonky and I don’t like the new skill points shindig, but hey. I’m also a little bummed the voice commands aren’t a thing that is happening, but at least you can bitch to your partner while waiting for them to help open a door. <3.



  1. Your making want to go buy this I hope you know. I been playing these RE games since the ps1 and ps2 days.

  2. I just started playing this past weekend with my sister, but so far I’m definitely enjoying every second of it. I’ve been playing these games since the first one on PS1, but the later games have made me enjoy this series more than I ever have (I think it’s the co-op that does it for me the most).

    Also, if you’re into funny voice commands you should definitely check out RE: Revelations on the 3DS. Making Parker say “I’m buying you lunch!” over and over again is pretty much the most hilarious RE-related thing ever.

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to re-enact my favorite Chris Redfield lines from RE5…

    “TAKE IT”

    “YOU GRAB IT!”

    Thank you very much. *bows*

  4. There are voice commands. I think it’s like hold RB and you can praise or thank or command them. I know this because my co-op partner and I spent about 50% of the game messing with that system.

  5. It’s not raccoon city so all is good! I was dubious though when first released as I’m a diehard dare I say it “original” resident evil fan, however this game is proving entertaining almost finished chapter 2 of Leon…if you would feel do obliged see my vids of it on YouTube my channel is gaminglogics (lame advertising skills!)

  6. Chris Redfield is indeed on steroids.Each character has they’re own special melee move.Chris’ move?He does a 360 spin and bitch-slaps the enemy.Now,I found this hilarious,being a diehard RE fan and a fan of Chris in general,so I asked my good friend to watch me perform the move so he could laugh as well.But apparently Chris’ move needs a sign that says “Please stand about 20 feet away while this move is in action” because when Chris slapped the zombie,and sheer force of the blow sent my friends’ character flying back towards a wall.

    • HAHAHAHA! OMG, that’s one of my FAVE parts about physical combat. It’s hilarious to watch your partner as they fly through the air.

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