Fanmade Resident Evil 2 Remake Makes Me Want It

Rod Lima is a rad person, who, working with the free version of Unreal Development Kit, redone-did all of the backgrounds and models you see in this video. He doesn’t plan on releasing the above awesomeness due to the unnerving fear of Capcom’s wrath, but at least our eyeballs can enjoy it.

Isn’t this the best? Maaan, I’ve been hoping Capcom would remaster Resident Evil 2 for quite some time. You see, friends, Resident Evil 2 is what hooked me on the Resident Evil franchise, and it’s also what scarred me for several years of my pre-teen life and caused nightmares, insomnia and an implemented “If you can sleep in your room for five days in a row, Britt, you can sleep in our room” program by my parents. ‘Tis a true story.

I really should make a video about how Resident Evil 2 traumatized my ass. I think y’all would get a kick out of it.


  1. I played through the entire series 0-5 a few years back and throughly enjoyed them. But it bums me out that 1 has been redone and remade over and over but nothing for 2 or 3 which were clunky at best, just wish I could enjoy a newer version of them! D:

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