Pumpkin Carving Fail

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: When it comes to drawing, painting, carving, stenciling, hell, even TRACING I more often than not fail. Simply put, I am full of artistic suck. But that doesn’t stop me from attempting some good ol’ fashioned pumpkin carving.  (Even though it probably should. Me + sharp objects + a requirement for slight artistic skills = no bueno. Seriously, my family has never trusted me with knife.) 

Right, so back to pumpkin carving. Year after year I attempt, and year after year I…well, I ultimately always carve something out of the orange fruit, but it doesn’t necessarily turn out like I want it to. 

Example: let me show you what I carved last night.


Do you know what that was supposed to be, dear readers? Let me give you a hint: it wasn’t supposed to look like a lopsided Sims diamond/marker/indicator thingy. 

Still stuck? Let me show you a picture with the lights on. (You can faintly see the original carving lines.)




How does one not get it through their head that ALL they need to do is carve out three triangles? And how in the hell did I end up with a diamond? Can I even call it a diamond? It’s like a circular diamond. Yeah, that’s it. 

Needless to say, I received a lot of “DAW that’s adorable” comments from my friend.


I blame the Captain Morgan.


  1. I’ve been laughing for about 10 minutes, LOL!

    IT’s even funnier when you get an image of the Triforce in your head, and then scroll back up to the picture of the pumpkin in the dark.


  2. I say light that baby up and leave it for all to see. Believe me, it makes for an interesting conversation starter!

    And I laughed and did the whole scrolling thing just like the first comment. This time, thankful for autocorrect cause I’m still tearing up!

    Hmmm…..use a clear green screen and say it’s the thing on top of a Sim character?
    Good luck with that!

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