While I watched Sony’s Gamescom conference live, I was admittedly quite dead from having gotten up at 6:30 a.m. for the EA Gamescom conference (two words: Dragon Age) and the whole “Ooohing and Awwwing” at the PS4’s revealed UI went riiiiiiiiiiight over my head. Actually, I think the only thing I was wondering was whether or not that chair Shu was sitting in came with all PS4 pre-orders. That would have been rather groovy.

After taking a second, more awaken glance at the video, I gotta say I’m digging the UI! I like how each game you hover over gives you the option to watch trailers, most watched videos, etc. And watching a game live and joining it looks SUPER easy — being a social media dork, I love the ability to easily upload your footage/screenshots/etc.

SWEEEEEEEEEEET. No more getting lost for days in a Sony Console’s UI! (That sentence was on behalf of my mom and dad and their difficulty with the PS3. “BRITT! Where’s Netflix? Britt! Where’s Peggle? Britt! How do we update it?)

What are your thoughts?

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