PS4 Announcement Imminent?

Methinks so!

Sony released this teaser video yesterday and the gaming community is all ‘a flutter. Of course, the most logical and expected outcome of this February 20th conference is the announcement of the PS4 — I refuse to call it “Orbis” — and seeing as industry bigwigs and journalists are being invited to attend the event in-person, something tells me that this is gonna end up being a big announcement of some sort. Like the PS4. Did I mention I think this is going to be for the PS4?

Funny enough, a few weeks back Sony said they were going to wait for Microsoft to make the first move when it comes to next-gen console announcements. It sounds like either  Sony became a bit impatient, unless Microsoft whips out an announcement within the next 19 days. That would be gamer-brain-information-OVERLOAD, wouldn’t it?

Admittedly I haven’t show my PS3 a lot of love during the past few years other than feeding it Bayonetta, inFamous, the Batman titles and, um, Red Dead Redemption. Oh, and some drunk Move titles every now and then. But damn, that’s it. Nonetheless I’m excited for this announcement.  I’ll always be a bit of a Sony fangirl because of ever-lasting love and memories I have with the PS2, so you know my ass will be watching, and if it turns out to be the PS4, my ass will also be in line on launch night. <3.

Assuming this is the PS4 announcement, what features would you like to see implemented?


  1. I am so pumped. I’m a huge PlayStation fan and the thought of a new console tickles all my good feels. The only bad part? Now I get to be unbearably excited for the next 19 days.

    • That would be a welcomed announcement. “If you have more than three PS2s and four PS1s you can trade it in for a PS4!

  2. I’d like to see fully fledged, full speed internet browsers. Although we had browsers this generation they are a far cry from using a pc, but I’m thinking next gen’ could really make my laptop obsolete if it has decent internet browsing. I’d also like to see cable TV. I wouldn’t expect cable to be fully implemented worldwide at launch but I would be seriously stoked if these things had seriously stepped up to replace cable boxes before they go. Once again, something that has been tried but not quite perfected this generation. These things really will be entertainment hubs in our living rooms.What’s most exciting is that the possibilities in terms of multimedia experiences are more extensive than I can imagine right now. I don’t even know what else I’d like to see because I know all my expectations are going to surpassed! I’M SO EXCITED FOR NEXT GEN! :D

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