Power-Up Mix-Up (Part 2)

It’s Monday, and if your brain is anything like mine it tries not to think too much. …Is it weird that I’m talking about my brain in, like, 3rd person when in reality my brain is actually the one talking? Er, I mean, I’M the one talking? I’m so confused. So much for my “try not to think” goal of today.

Anywhozers, if you happened to miss Part 1 of this series I’ve embedded it below. Dorkly seriously makes some of THE best videos around. They remind me of the days when I’d frequent Newgrounds and watch Resident Evil shorts until my mom would yell at me to eat or something. Hahaha just kidding I never needed reminders to eat food is pretty much my best friend.

This isn’t really a power-up mix-up, but one time while playing Harvest Moon (SNES) I was carrying a chick (probably to put it back in the barn) and my dude ate it. Like, seriously. He gobbled it down. My guess is that it was around lunchtime, during which the game has him consume food he mysteriously pulls out of his back pocket, and that the poor chick was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

RIP, chick.


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