Whenever I say Portal, I want to say it three times like “Dradle Dradle Dradle!” but “PORTAL PORTAL PORTAL!”

Alright, how’s THAT for most random introduction ever? 

Yes, it is true. I have never played Portal before. Go ahead, ridicule me. I’ll wait.


So, what do I know about Portal? Close to nothing, minus the basics. I know there’s a gun of sorts that creates portals in walls, there is a thing called GlaDOS (I think I capitalized the correct letters?), the famous “The cake is a lie” meme stems from this game, umm…oh! There’s a thing called a companion cube.   

For the record, I don’t know what in the hell any of the aformentioned things mean.  And when it comes to Portal’s story, I know aboslutely nothing. Zilch. Nada.  

You guys have told me the game can be completed in about three hours, so this may end up being the shortest game log in the history of EVAR.

Now, I just need to find my copy of The Orange Box. Ever since I posted about the cracked case (courtesy of GameStop) I haven’t seen it. Mrrrrr.



  1. I haven’t played portal either. I have however seen my friend play numerous times. I am just not that big on puzzle games. However it might be interesting to play it while your write your log about it. lets do this!

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