Portal 2 Log #3

Attention class: if you have sucked at keeping an updated game log, please raise your hand.

::raises hand::

Oh man. Writing a Portal 2 log is tough. I mean, its like OHAI EVERYONE TODAY I MADE IT THROUGH TEST CHAMBERS 18-21 AND I GOT REALLY FRUSTRATED! Does that suffice for the past month? Cuz thats pretty much whats been happening between Portal 2 and I. Guys, Im having a rough time with this one—I just cant get into it! To make things worse, I thought I was almost finished with the game after I approached the free roam area and came into contact with GLaDOS (which fueled a second wind). But as it turns out Im only, what, halfway done with the game? Does that sound right? Cuz’ thats what Ive been told.


I guess I can talk about how pissed off I am at Wheately. That bastard. Hes all bad and stuff now. Also, GLaDOS is a potato. And that effin makes me laugh very, very hard.

Uhone of the major twists of the game has been spoiled for me already thanks to someone who posted it on my Facebook wall, so that kind of sucks.

Again, I cant get into it! Portal 2 is not a bad game, not at all. Im just not invested in the story, and I expected a quick wham bam thank you maam kind of experience like I got with the original Portal. So, all there is to say that Im going to have to grit my teeth and bear it. BEAR IT. Bare? BEAR? Bayer?

 Yeaaaaah. Thats enough.


  1. I can understand your concerns, though. Took me a while to think it was worthy of such length, but the “free-roam” part gave me new life. Wheatley’s turn was cool, and the finale is worth seeing. :)

    Don’t give up!!!

  2. Britt,

    You kill me! That’s some good $hit right there I don’t care who you are!! It’s great to see someone who can get so into the storyline of a game, Dragon Age anyone? Yet, have such a hard time with Portal 2.

    I’m the opposite, I ran through Dragon Age to see the end, and had no idea who slept with who and whose father/King betrayed who’s it or what’s it. But, you know every stinking detail!! Now Portal 2 on the other hand was a breeze, at least for me. I just carried my potato and solved puzzles….AAAahhhh, life was good.

    You’ll make it girl. BTW, did anyone tell you Alistar is waiting for you at the end of Portal 2, in a bedroom, wearing……. wait, I won’t spoil it for you.

    • Yeah it’s funny how that works isn’t it?! “I just carried my potato and solved puzzzles” — LOL!

      I don’t take anything lightly about Dragon Age, and since you said Alistair is at the end I must find out for myself whether this is fact…or crap.


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